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Heart Rate 5 km

Good morning from a warm and sunny South Africa, question about 5 km and heart rate. How fast for the first km ... our parkrun is uphill so it's difficult to gage the pace without pushing yourself too hard the first km.

1 km - 70 % of maximum HR

2 km - 80 % of maximum HR

3 km - 85 % of maximum HR

4 km - 90 % of maximum HR

5 km - 100 % of maximum HR

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Warm.. sunny... here, beautiful... rainy, grey.. wet :)

I cannot help on the heart rate.. as long as mine is till beating...I am happy, but I expect someone will be able to advise:)


Your uphill heart rate is always going to be higher than on the flat. If you are still going through the program it is very hard to heart rate train unless you have a specific medical reason why you are heart rate training and if that is the case you health providers will be the best place to ask the questions because they will be very specific to you. If you eventually want to get “into heart rate training there are some very detailed ways to start as you should know your own maximum heart rate to get anywhere near the stats you need to start heart rate training. The 220 minus your age is not very accurate for training really. For instance mine says it should be 169 when it is actually 188. As for running a whole km in maximum that is actually impossible I would say. When you reach your maximum every fibre in you body will try to get you to slow down, you cannot stay there too long. It is often why if your are watching on the finish line of an event you will see people come across the line and throw up. They will push themselves to the max to get over the finish line for a Pb and that is how the body reacts to too long in the 100% zone. Take your Parkruns at a Comfortable pace for you, leave a little in the tank for a faster finish and just see what your heartate does while you do that it will give information about you rather than averages then overtime you will build up a picture about yourself that eventually will give you the information to train with in the future.

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