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Oh no!!!

I ran last Thursday my hip starting too hurt. Strange felling like popping completed run. Hurt afterward was gone next day. Did my next run Sunday week 8 run 1 28 mins. My hip was fine too start could feel it but 20mins was hurting a lot again popping burning feeling. After run and today it’s not great.hurting too walk I’m nearly there. I’m gutted. I run 3 times a week is it because runs are longer, I run outside. I just want it too go!!!!



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Maybe get it checked out...the longer runs are very relaxed and as long as you take it slow and steady there should be no issue at all.. Pain is another matter and it is recurring , then it needs sorting..:)


It’s more of an ache then a pain. But I can feel it.!! See how it goes rest for a week x thanks for reply. X


Sorry Holly, but that doesn't sound normal or right... Rest from running and maybe get it checked if no improvement as Oldfloss suggests.x


Look up TFL Tensor Fascia Latae small muscle on outside of hip

I had hip ache / rested for a week .... Ended up getting a foam roller, it helped me more than resting , Look on you tube, I do a real time video ( How to use a foam roller for recovery /Runtastic fitness) but there is lots of advice on YT


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