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Dusk run (Week 4-)

Having survived this mornings dress shopping with DD2, and bought her some new running shoes (plain black Karrimor something - I’ve no idea where she’s put them now!), it was time to go for a run before it got dark. She’s still suffering from the exertions of gym followed by a run on Thursday, so I headed off without her.

I wasn’t entirely sure what I was planning to do, other than I was going to be using the week 4 podcast as I’m finding it hard to feel comfortable about the 5-minute runs, so off I went into the late afternoon light. Three minutes running - all good, felt ok, still able to talk back to Laura at the end of it ;) .

Five minute run - starting with a bit of a pep talk to self! Although I normally count my breaths as I go, I decided not to for this one, as this time round I’m feeling that being aware of how much time remains is making it life of a mental fight than it needs to be. So just counting in for 4, out for 3, off I trotted. I managed to overtake a couple who were walking (slowly!) along the path, and didn’t even feel too self-conscious about it! :D And eventually the five minutes were done.

Next three minutes was quite easy - or at least comfortable. and during this run I decided that I was going to do 2.5 mins in the last one, as I did on Tuesday. This was also the run segment where a ‘real runner’ sped past me. But I don’t care. I’m a plodder and I know it, by at least I’m out there, plodding! :D

And then the last run. Again I made sure not to count breaths, but just to take it as it happened. I was tired, but when Laura said that was halfway through, I decided I could manage one more minute. And halfway through that decided to just relax and enjoy, and went quicker just for the sheer fun of it! 😁

So, another run done, and for the first time in ages I’ve remembered to stretch properly once I got home too. Feeling happy and very glad I went!

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Very well done for persevering!


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