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Run No.2 - The comeback

Well, did it! Got another run in and I can happily say i am soooo out of sync it's unbelievable. A tad further and a tad quicker is as far as I got.

I think a big contributing factor has been my diet or should I say lack of, almost of month and a half of unhealthy lunches has taken it's toll.

So hopefully will be out again tomorrow evening and this time will set a goal for distance, with or without a walking break (presently if I feel the need to walk, I stop the run and call this my breakpoint).

Longtime goal..... managing between 8-10K in an hour before mid May.

How's everyone else getting on?

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Well done Saul😊...its great that you are getting back into your running. Building up by doing steady regular runs is the way to go.😊

I have recently completed the six week 10k program on here that Ju- ju put together, and I'm doing it again now and enjoying it.

Happy running 😊x


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