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Hi - I’m a C25k graduate that is back on the programme due to injury stopping me running for 18 months. After graduating a couple of years ago I managed to complete a half marathon soon after but managed to mangle my right Achilles a few months later. After several false starts and the assumption I couldn’t run again I have just done Week 6 Run 2 and feel pretty confident that I’m going to finish the programme. I am also in the process of losing weight so I just wanted to say to those that don’t think it can be done - it can! I did! So pleased that I have had C25k to ease me back into running.

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Well done James - must have been a tough set back. Congratulations on getting to week 6 and on the weight loss.

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Great to be getting back to running.

Don't push too hard, build back up gently, not forgetting that you are a couple of years older and have an injury susceptibility.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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