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I graduated through WK9 Run3 whilst in Thailand for a month. In truth I had got halfway through week 8 and then had torn a hamstring in the middle of September. Rest and physio got me back up and in the gyms of various hotels in October. I achieved my WK9 Run3 on a treadmill.

I was never happy running on a treadmill as I like the fresh open air. Also a chair of the local residents committee I get to keep an eye on what is going on as I run round.

On my return from Thailand another disaster Ulcers in my left leg from a mosquito bite, these spread from one leg to the other and the scarring has only really just gone away.

I was devastated but as soon as I was fit enough to run was out of the door thinking I would have to go back at least to WK6. No worries there as I pushed myself on through the 30 minutes that I never thought I could achieve.

Now two weeks on I have run three times a week always 40 minutes and have also done 2 Parkruns.

I am slow in the Parkruns but not the slowest. I wish to go on and would love to run a 10K in the surrounding area of Pau/Biarritz some time next year.

How do I bridge the gap?

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Well done on smashing the 5k distance despite having to run on a treadmill (I really don't like those either).

Join the Bridge to 10k forum and find a lot of inspiration. Our own ju-ju- is setting up a 10k challenge as we speak: You can join in here:

Good luck!


Already joined but thank you for the encouragement. Will look out for you.

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Wow, what determination- I am very impressed- huge well done 👏👏👏👏😃


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