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Wk7 r1

I have taken a lot of inspiration/motivation from these posts since I started so, thanks to all those who posted especially those in their sixties (when i was thinking maybe i was too old to try this at 53!) and to all those who have given me confidence that the plan works. I have been amazed at each new step up. I ran for 25 minutes today and felt great 4.02km / 25.25 mins, I bought a smart phone yesterday as mapmyrun was recommended by some posters.

Anyone thinking of trying, buy a good pair of trainers and give it a go!

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Well done l too did this run today great feeling running 25 mins didn’t it l never thought 7 weeks ago l would do this today 👍👏

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No I really felt week four was tough and I couldn't see how I was going to complete the same route with no breaks, but somehow it happens. I dont know where you get thumbs up or smiley face?


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