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Last run of week 1!

So I’ve been extremely busy lately! My mum was poorly so i have been healing her out this week as well as planning and having her hen do yesterday! So I managed to go out on my run yesterday morning and I dragged my boyfriend out on the bike. He was so encouraging and my last run of week 1 was amazing!

Not only have I improved my pace massively but I have also been able to notice my fitness levels increased. When I was running for the 60s I felt like I could go 30s longer and my boyfriend convinced me that I could and should run half way home instead of walk it (the 5 minute walk at the end). So I did and when I got half way I decided to sprint as fast as I could. It felt amazing!

I cannot wait to see what next week holds and how my fitness levels will improve more!!


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Sounds like a great week (apart from poorly mum) but maybe stick closer to the program - you have mentioned that you often push yourself and then put yourself off, so use the discipline of C25K and steer clear of injury risk :). Each new week will push you just enough, there's plenty of time for more running later.


Great run then to end your first week, I am with icklegui here, we often see new runners push themselves and get hurt. I did the first and luckily avoided the second. Honestly the programme ramps up its demands of you and each run you do is building you up at the right level for the next one. But the best thing is you enjoyed it and that is a big thing for keeping you motivated.happy running in W2


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