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Improving technique

Last night I noticed that, for the first time, my stride was lengthening. I suppose that it's been so long since I did any running that I was concerned, either consciously or not, not to damage my knees. That probably explains my achy glutes. I'm also trying to improve my breathing technique. I tend to gasp, my asthma I suppose, but when I'm walking the dog, always at a brisk pace now, I'm trying to breathe in for 4 paces and exhale for 4. Any other tips for improving either please?

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Go slowly then you won’t overstride or get out of puff, so your breathing shouldn’t get ragged

Just run slowly and you can develop your technique as you go.,you,get tips on it from your voice over coach, eg run tall, shoulders back etc 🙂

It will all fall into place but don’t worry for now 🙂🏃‍♀️👍✔️


Well done.

If increasing your stride be careful that you don't overstride, especially as you mention your knees. Your footstrike should be under your body, not out in front, otherwise you are more likely to heelstrike, which jars knees and back.

Leaning slightly forwards can help with avoiding overstriding.

If you are gasping or panting, you are going too fast for your current fitness level........slow down.

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Thanks, both. I'm hoping to see my doctor on Friday to see how my asthma is. I have an appointment at the hospital next month so will check that all is well but I'm feeling better for starting to run again. I'm determined to take up tennis next year and this is an important step towards it


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