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The yearly update

Still going strong two years after graduating and I’ve experienced the joy of a new pair of running shoes - how can something so silly keep you awake with anticipation of the first morning run, thoughts of gliding on new cushioned pillows for your feet.

That was back in July so they are nicely worn in now. Before that I explored the delights of Maastrichts Mooiste’s 10 English Miles, I still do not enjoy the organised events but they help push you to goals that you would not aim for if left to your own ‘good intentions’ - with that in mind I have registered for the Paris Marathon in April next year and am religiously following an ASICS plan to get there. Again these forums are a companion and a support.

I also managed a new record this year, 29km in 30 minutes, it helped that I was on a boat at the time but it looked really good in my stats.

Good luck to all the newcomers, it's an adventure worth embarking on!

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Good to see you on here , and I am so pleased to hear you are doing so well !

Happy Running to you :-) xxx


I love to hear from the past Graduates of the programme who kbo. What amazing achievements and an inspiration to us new runners :) See you next year!


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