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Week 7 run 2 done 😀

Think I can say that this was the first run I have actually enjoyed and not felt like death!!!

Just come off nights so had a sleep. Then late afternoon walked with hubby. Trying to walk each day for a couple of miles and he won't go if I'm not with him. So nicely warmed up on return home.

Getting colder and dusk. But changed and went for run. Maybe because I was well warmed up but went very smoothly right from the off!

Didn't have those heavy legs I normally get for first 10/15 mins. Just felt comfortable. So very, very 😁 pleased. Over the moon even. 2 months ago couldn't run for 1 minute and took weeks to get started. 😀

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Well done - I think that the first run I really enjoyed was after graduation so you are ahead of me! It does feel good doesn't it?

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It does but I think it was more to do with the long warm up than anything else. Will try 10/15 mins in future 😀


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