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Well I started my last week today but it started a bit wobbly. Been trying for 2 days to download W9 podcast from itunes to iphone but failed, all the other podcasts went ok.

I managed to put it onto old ipod I got and went out to start run. Battery was dead, I am sure I charged it but either going mad or it was not plugged in properly. Decided to watch a film instead on my old ipad 3 called the Atomic Blond, spy film(-:

Got going and found I was looking up to the ceiling so had to drop the ipad down, twice to a more comfortable level. Then I found I had a headache coming as did not have my glasses in. Finally got to start running but found after about 10 mins I wanted to go to wee )-:

It was very cold in garage but soon warmed up and as far as the run went, once I got going it went very well. No aching muscles or gasping for breath the 1st 10 mins. I added 5 mins on at the end of run to make up what I lost at the beginning. Breathing was easy and soon got into my rhythm. Fingers crossed for the last 2 runs.

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Lots there to contend with but you made it in the end! You don't really need the podcast for the last few weeks as they are continuous runs. You're on the home straight now. Well done you're nearly there ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿƒ


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