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Week 7 Run 1

Well I got up this morning there was frost on the ground but it was a lovely bright, crisp day. I got myself ready, long leggings, long sleeved running top, hat, gloves, I was ready. Picked up phone and there was only 5% charge in it. It had been on charge all night so don't know what happened there. Changed the charger and put it back on charge. Can not run without SM and my music. Change of clothes and took dog for her 1 hour walk which I usually do after running. Think that might have been a mistake because I seemed to struggle with my run, started off ok but didn't think I was going to do last minute. I did it though so I achieved it. Hope we have no gremlins Wednesday for run 2. Good luck everyone whatever run you're on.

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Well done on still going out. So easy to have seen all 'buts' there and stayed home.


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Relax into the longer runs.

Start slow and stay slow... let the newly-found running legs carry you and start to feel your happy pace kicking in :)

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