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Wk 7 Run 1

Well on a very icy morning I completed week 7 Run 1. I was surprised that I ran with ease for the majority of the run and at the half way mark I knew I could do it! The last 5 mins were tough until the last 60 secs. However I need to remember that 7 weeks ago I couldn’t even run for 60 secs!!! Good luck to everyone whatever run your on. Bring on run 2 on Wednesday 😀

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Well done, I've had a hiccup this morning. All dressed and ready to go and phone charge was at 5% even though it had been on charge all night, so now using different charging lead to try to charge it...................Lost with mobile. Enjoy your day.


Well done 👍 hope my w7 r1 feels same! Slept in this morning so i will have to run in the dark !! Must have been my weekend away😂. Its amazing the difference 7 weeks can make, it it really is a great program 😊


Very well done...but watch that ice.. it is the one condition of weather I do not run in! There was a Bambi incident!

Take it gently and really relax into these lovely longer runs too!


Well done, carry on and keep enjoying your experience, and stay positive.


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