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Yay, W5R2 done!

Well, guys, after a horrendous week with a serious illness in the family so no walking or running for over a week, I returned from visiting the family member in hospital and decided that I needed some physical exercise, and a challenge. I have been repeating a few runs from week 4 and 5, but tonight I went for it with week5, run2 and managed to get all the way through! Kept GingerBohemian ’s pace advice about the stumbling dying man in the desert in mind and went really slowly, and found that even my breathing has improved. Home now and feeling really energised and chilled out (if that’s possible!), and more able to deal with the stuff that life throws at you sometimes. Finding the running is helping both mind and body so will make time to continue with this amazing programme!

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It is always good to get out there again, whatever has been stopping you.

Well done.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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The 'Stumbling Style' wins the day. Just keep it nice and slow and steady. And well done you for getting out there.

I am just getting to the back end of 3 weeks of bronchitis and antibiotics so hoping to get out there myself today.

Keep it nice and slow.

Then slow it down a bit more.

Enjoy the journey.

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Glad to hear that you’ve beaten the bronchitis and are thinking about getting out there again! Can’t keep a good guy down, GingerBohemian! All the best for today, though be kind to yourself. I attempted w5r3 last night but the big jump to 20minutes running just didn’t happen though I did manage 15 minutes so that’s an improvement. Will try again tomorrow, in fact I’m looking forward to the challenge again! I’m gonna beat it - someday, lol!!


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