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W9R2 Thank you

Thank you to all the lovely runners out there that gave me the advice of after having a break for 9 days, just to get back and do the next run.

What a wonderful glorious run it was, after 5 minutes I was doubting the advice but persevered and as someone quoted before, my robot legs took over.

Well I've got to admit they took over a bit too much and after finishing my run I took a route which I thought I knew and I ended up in a field up to my ankles in mud, I must have looked a terrible sight as one woman didn't even want her dog near me!!

When I eventually got back to civilisation I was totally lost! So I had to phone my lovely partner and quote street names so he could come and pick me up! I was 2 and half miles away with totally wet feet and mud everywhere!

But I ran for 30 minutes on a glorious morning and totally loved it 😁😁

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I had mud today too.. loads of it :) Great wasn't it!

You did wonderfully... a great run... absolutely brilliant... and rescued by your own personal knight in shining... errrr.... car!

Nearly there... the badge and the podium and us.... await!!

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Thank you Old Floss you made me giggle 😂

My knight even cleaned my trainers for me 😍

I'm looking forward to my graduation run now 😁

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It is going to be so special!! I think the knight needs to chill the bubbly too :)

Not too soon though... :)


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