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Week 5 Run 2 you crafty wee thing!!

So this week been quite difficult as I was meant to be doing run 3 today but ended up having a couple extra rest days this week as had a dodgy knee so gave it a bit more of a rest! Knee fine this morning so off I went!!

Made the mistake of kinda not listening to Mr Smooth at the start and just set off on my warm up walk awaiting those words “it’s time for your first run.. off you go!!”. And there it was... and off I went!!!

After a bit my breathing was awful and I was thinking those extra rest days haven’t done me any real favours.. but went a bit slower and got into the swing of it. “You’re half way through your first run!”... REALLY?! Only half way?!!! Bloomin heck this is feeling long today!!! Plod on plod on I tell myself!!! Huffin, puffin and panting! Passing the glamorous runners without a hair out of place and I’m thinking a few things I can’t type here 😂😂

FINALLY!! Mr Smooth says I can go to a walk now. Thank god!!! Then he goes “you just ran 8 minutes”. Sorry what?! 8 MINUTES?!!! I thought I was only running 5!!!!! Then I forgot all the pain and stuff and pranced round on my recovery walk, as I just ran 8 minutes and I was seriously chuffed with myself!!!

The second run wasn’t as dramatic as my first and I’m back at home now with a massive smile on my face!! I’m not gonna think about run 3 at the moment as I know that’s a beast!!

Happy Sunday!!

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