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Week 7 done - and just completed w8 r1

Phew! So week seven was interesting.

The first run was hard but I felt great. I didn't manage to get through the second - sore back and no motivation.

I repeated run 2 and managed run 3... just. Overall, I found the week really difficult - definitely the most difficult so far.

Today I completed week8 run 1 - I felt good enough to up the speed at the end, but overall it was really tough.

I'm wondering if/when 25-30ish minutes starts to feel good? Will it ever feel good? At the moment it's a real psychological struggle - constantly convincing myself I can go for another 5 minutes.

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I still find each run a bit of a psychological struggle and I’m about three weeks post-graduation. I do find the gremlins are easier to shoo away though ☺️


Slow down..just slow down... these longer runs are just perfect for relaxing and let your newly-found running legs find their happy pace. breath, start slow and stay slow.. land lightly and just think of how far you have travelled...

If you focus on other things as you go gently along, you will find the run goes by before you know it..Make sure too, the rest day exercise is upped a tad too.. we need our strength and our stamina for the longer runs:)


I found this too but it does start to feel easier, you get into a rhythm and you just wanna keep going!

I also found ‘boom boom boom’ music gave me much more motivation! x


thanks everyone for your feedback :)

I've started doing some strength training on my off days... so hopefully this should help.

I can't wait to graduate, if only so that I can put on some 'boom boom' music - I can't say I'm particularly inspired by the NHS music - though I do appreciate Laura's guidance.


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