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Injured, busy, back at it, where to start?


I had been at W6R2 and I rolled my ankles badly. I had to take time off to allow it to heal, then got busy and so on. This has resulted in me having some time off from running, I did manage a couple of runs peppered into the month and a half(ish) since the injury.

I’m getting back into the swing of things, but not really sure how I should approach this. I can complete w6 r1/2, but it is definitely harder than it was. I know 25mins is out as I really think I have lost some of my fitness.

How should I approach this? Should I do wk5 r3 first? Then do week 6 as it was meant? Or...?

I am completely muddled, so any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Great that you are back, but I see no advantage in returning to W5 if you know you can do W6R1 and 2. How do you know you can't complete W6R3 unless you try?

Not completeing a run is not a failure, it is a measure of where you have reached in your development and that is the stage that needs to be worked on, by repeating it, not an earlier run.

Accept the challenge, be brave, rebuild the momentum.

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