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Achilles’ tendon

I have been lovng the c25k and was on week 6 when my Achilles’ tendon stopped me 😟I am gutted as I actually miss running now even though I had never ran before! I was getting fitter than I had ever been before. It’s very annoying. So to get me back on the runs I’ve looked at foam rolling and heel dips which seem to be doing the trick. Anyone else suffered from this?? and any tips to speed recovery would be welcome. Thanks

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My only running injury was a tweaked Achilles.

I was out for about a month before I was confident enough to run.

Keep up the heel dips and calf stretches.

Patience is my main tip. You can't rush this.

Maintain a strong post run stretching regime once you get back.

I have had no recurrence in the past three years.


Heel drops with calf lift. Do them very slowly and go down low and slow and then into the calf lift and go way up and repeat. Just do a few and build up gradually! You can also try foot lifts

Feet strengthening exercises. Lunges too! Carefully though!


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