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Anyone with joint hyper-mobility?


I'm set to start my first run of week 2 this evening. So far I've been running on grass with some pretty comfortable trainers and everything has been fine. However, I'm worried about how my joints will deal with it when the running gets harder. I'm flat footed and hyper-mobile and have only fully recovered from an ankle fracture last summer fairly recently. I suffer with my knees and hips mostly and they can be quite bad after just walking on flat shoes for an hour or so. Any tips or advice on how to prevent joint pain, discomfort or injury? My rheumatologist advised low impact exercises only like cycling and swimming which I love but my bike is currently out of action (and running is free!) I know running is high impact but I'm hoping that it'll be okay to continue. I've always hated running so I felt more challenged and motivated to take it on!


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I have a wiggly jiggly hyper mobile back. My physiotherapist advised strengthening exercises. My suggestion actually is to talk to a physio or someone who can not just tell you no but tell you how.


If you can get hold of some proper orthotics they can really help. You need to get your feet used to them first though, if you start running before even standing in them for a few weeks you will hurt yourself. Mine made me fall over when walking the first few times as the stabiliser muscles weren't there.


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