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Left the house later than usual this morning due to needing to drop the cats off at the cattery ahead of going away for a week - so decided to fill the time by getting R2 in. 6:30am is pretty dark at this time of year isn't it 😂 Just about had enough light to see where I was going.

Felt pretty lethargic (no wonder at that time really) but according to strava still managed a faster overall pace than my first W4 run - no idea how that happened.

Wondering when I can get R3 in now :( I'll be in Holland from Thursday so nice and flat but not sure if I'll get a chance to go out there and get a run in, taking my trainers though just in case! 👍🏻

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Hehe now you have to decide what you have to leave behind to fit your running gear in. 😀 Have a great holiday.

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Well done! Pace is a weird thing isn’t it? I find it very hard to judge how far I’ve gone and it rarely matches with how fast I feel I’ve run! Enjoy running in Holland!

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