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The end is in sight

Having had a good W8R3, even running a bit longer, I expected W9R1 to be okay. I set out on Thursday evening, however although I finished, I found it quite hard. Must admit, I was a little disappointed.

Friday night I seemed to begin cold like symptoms so maybe that and a day at work accounted for Thursdays run. I put off W9R2 on Saturday and wasn't going to go this morning. However, after some internal debate, I decided to give it a try. I'm pleased to say, that I completed W9R2 and it was better than Thursday's run.

One more run and graduation 😀 Can't quite believe I'm nearly there.

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Just keep it slow and steady... just run for the time you are supposed to and make sure you stretch well after the runs:)

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Brilliant🎉🎉well done you, good luck for w9r3 😀


So you kept going even though you had a cold thing coming on. Sometimes the runs aren't fab they are a bit meh. But that happens... it's still a blooming good run. Well done

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