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W3R1 - nailed it in Shoreditch

Beautiful morning and another new park while traveling for work (yes, on a Sunday which is unusual).

A little intimidated by all the 'proper' runners to be honest, till I saw a guy who also looked more... Well less experienced I guess. Still miles ahead of me, but still.

Finished well, managed to complete all of the sections - feeling pretty good and set up the rest of my day browsing the markets well.

Have a great week everyone!!

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Nice picture! Hope you've liked Shoreditch :)

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Yay!! How did the 3 mins running go for you?? I am planning to do Week 3 Run 1 this evening!!

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Not so bad, this is my 2nd attempt at C25K having got to W4 earlier in the year. Since "I know" I did it before it was tiring but fine. I'm more concerned about when I get to W4 and pass the point I was before.... all a mind game!!


Yes!! Definitely a Mind Game!! That's awesome that it wasn't too bad!!! :) Good encouragement!


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