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Just felt right

Run 1 week six

I set off warmed up. Did the 3.5 min run and 30secobd walk. Then started run two and jus carried on for 25 mins. Did nt feel our of breath as it was slow so i could breath properly. Did cool down ofcourse

Told a frielnd who is more experienced and she said if it feels right and you can do it why not. At her runing club they say pnly walk a few seconds .

I guess a lot of the ppl on here will tell me off but i am sure i was ready for it. Will try again in a few days and if it s too much will take a step back.

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Not telling off.. just sound advice, which you will receive from many, many outstanding runners on here... seasoned Graduates , half Marathon and Marathon Runners.

The programme is about so much more than just being able to run :) Structure, control and discipline.

This week is an important was last week... as is every week; all about discipline in our running and giving those very, very, new running muscles, time to continue development.

The whole point of the programme is to follow it... and however you think you may feel. it is the hidden injuries which are the problem.

Two years on in my running.. I reach, usually in the middle of my runs, my, what I have termed, on the forum, my happy pace. I feel at that point, that I could just keep on running... I don't. :)

I am still a very new runner after two years... and having read replies to my queries and questions on C25K and Bridge to 10K ( I run up to 10K now)... I listen and continue to listen to them.

This is your journey, and a great one... so, follow the plan.... complete all the runs that will lead you to Graduation injury free, and then you can begin to choose which way you what your path to take you :)

I feel sure that the replies you get, certainly from the really experienced runners on the forums, will echo the advice.

You are your best piece of running equipment... follow the programme and stay safe:)


Good advixe i am in it for the long haul. Thank you

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Welcome... we have to try to keep the family safe :)

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