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Week 7 Run 1 - :0)

The day started really well; I went to fat fighters and had lost another 4lb

After breakfast and shopping it was time for my run but the pup decided he'd rather stay home than join me today, as I got his lead he ran off and hid in his bed. Not deterred I walked to him for him to only run out via the pet flap at a rate of knots to the garden. Message received and understood I had to venture out alone lol

So today the headphones went on, the music began and then up piped Miss Millican and off I went. Athlete's Wires was my first track which didn't help much with the start but then I got Happy and things began to improve.

Before I knew it the half time bell was ringing so I turned and headed back.

2 miles in the 25 minutes so it's slow and steady but it feels totally fab to be out there doing this. Let's hope I can tempt the pup out with me on Monday.

Thanks to all for your continued support.

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Go you.... and Pup may learn from your example:)x

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Well done. Funny I usually run alone but for w6r3 took the dog and found it quite distracting. Was looking to make sure she was with me quite a lot and that there was nothing to pick up...! All taking me away from the solo focus zone I seem to like

I found I had to stop to take a layer off too so am determined for week 7 run 1 tomorrow morning it will be just me Sarah millican and mr David Bowie. With no stops!


Yes he always does his business before we even start the 5 min warm up walk so in that regard we are fine. I've given up now on taking a jacket or hoodie as always end up tying it round my waist half way through. Good luck with your run, I am sure you will get in the zone and smash it.

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4lb lost and another run under your belt. A great day indeed

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