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Newbie needs advice . In regards to dri-fit

Hi . Just got back into training after over 20 years . Stopped smoking 2 years ago and put on 2 stone. So now have to shift it. Bern doing military style fitness at a local park. Obstacle courses and trail running.

Gym clothing etc has changed a great deal since my days when I used to be fairly fit lol.

So have to say I'm impressed with all the latest dri-fit clothing. I wear the dri-fit tights by Karimor . Been trying to find if there's anything like dri-fit underwear , not the boxer short or cycling short type but more of the brief type. Have tried swimming trunks but chave after a while. Even considering going without...? But think in doing so may offend the women in the group...

Have managed to lose some weight and will continue to do so. Lol

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Well done you... :) This is a great place to be...

Not sure if this link is any use.. I have the Women's range and find them great ( I know..too much information)..


Going commando? Some do.. I always worry about chafing :)

Keep posting and keep those runs slow and steady !

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Thankyou. Omg. They look dreadful.

After trading around maybe be best to go commando style. Lol

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They do... the Women's are great though :)


The anti chafe boxers look good!

You probably won't chafe doing c 25k as it's not far and you're not moving for long

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