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I was actually excited to do this run and woke up early . Well Wk6R1 is done , I expected it to be a breeze after the 20 minute of Wk5R3 after which I had felt great. So why was this run so hard , the first 5 minute of the run my legs felt like lead. After that it was still a struggle, but got through it and I’m pleased with myself for getting through it.

Just sat now resting and thinking that just over a month ago I thought I was going to die after running for a minute.

This programme C25K immense.

Looking forward to Monday’s run

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Well done, you did it.

W6R1 is a tricky little blighter, which we do warn people about. It is primarily psychological but is in fact the longest moving time, to date, between warm up and cool down.

You are making great progress and you are quite right that this programme really is amazing and in just a few weeks time you will be able to run for thirty minutes non stop........ it's incredible.


I had exactly the same experience - W6R1 was one of the hardest runs of the whole programme for me. Very well done for getting through it. Onwards and upwards!

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You did it... well done... each run leading to the next as IannodaTruffe says :)


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