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Back on track

After a dodgy six months after suffering a crippling kidney infection, and being left very wobbly and weak, I then went onto injure my knee and then my right ankle!!!! Aaaaggghhhh!! It’s a joy to say I’m now on track again! Yay!! I was previously approaching week 5, but the physio advised me to start slowly. So I simply started from week one again. It was so great to find it relatively easy. I’m now got one more run of week 3, and no knee or ankle pain!

I’m so thrilled how great the C25K is. I started out soooo unfit, I could barely run half a minute without wanting to collapse and die on the pavement! Admittedly I’ve not got onto the longer 20+ minutes yet, but I know I can do it.

My hubby is an ultra runner, and it’s my goal to go out and run with him. It may take a year, but I’m going to do it. I love it! I love having the goal, keeps me focused. I’ve become vegan, lost three stone and I’ve not felt this healthy for years. What a transformation, and all for free!! Woohoo!

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Wow - well done you! It sounds like you're really been through a lot recently with your medical issues, so it's great you still want to get out there and carry on with the programme. It's all in the attitude and you have a fab one. Enjoy the programme and I look forward to reading about your ultimate runs in the future! (While I am still plodding at 5k! :-))


Thanks a million! 😄


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