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Wk2 R1 done ✅

Well that's the first run of Week 2 complete and this time I took along 2 friends.

Is it bad to say I found it harder running with others rather than doing it alone?

I felt like I never got into my own rhythm tonight but I am sill chuffed that I completed it.

Run 2 of week week 2 will be solo again so will see how that goes.

Happy running people xx

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Well done.

I believe that you are better off doing C25K on your own, since you can then run at your own pace with no compromise.


Spot on...

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Nope I know exactly what you mean. My friend was running with me for a bit but sometimes it's nice just to be in your own zone with no one to share it isn't it. Well done for competing it despite them and yes go solo if that's what you prefer. Good luck for W2R2 x

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Awesome!! I haven't tried to run with someone yet.. but I tend to be competitive so I think it might would push me too much to try to run alongside someone right now! Plus I enjoy my alone time with my music a lot!! :)

Good job!


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