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Road running

So I'm on W4R3 next, I love running in the country side and off road, but I'm getting a little bit worried that with winter coming I've got more chance of hurting myself running on uneven ground.

But I find road running a lot harder for some reason....it's less scenic and I find myself paying more attention to how long I've been 🏃‍♀️. Whereas in fields I've done the time before I know it!

Any tips?!

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I run on the trails all year round. I find the rougher paths less slippy than icy roads and pavements of glass. you might need some proper trail shoes which have grippier tread. any excuse to buy new shoes 😃 I started c 25k in autumn so ran through winter. Some mornings I had to wait til later in the day to give the ice and snow time to melt 🙂


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