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All going well - then!!

Completed week 2 yesterday. Today minding grand daughter, took to supermarket first thing in Pram, bent down, picked off bottom shelf, back went twang......

Struggled to get back, daughters house top of hill, supermarket at bottom!! Don't know the town.

Surely haven't done enough running by week 2 to upset my back!! Husband here now for gd and I've taken a tablet and laying down. I haven't had back trouble for 15 years and then only once.!

😔 disappointed

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Not the running.. it is the grand daughter syndrome or.. the shelf incident... heal properly before you head out :)

It is unlikely to be the running!

I am on Grammy duty , new granddaughter...two days a week now... and my back, the first week.. gosh! I have need doing exercises... to help...not sure if they would be useful to you ?


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