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5K finally

I graduated on 1st Sept and since then have been floundering a bit since losing the structure of the programe. I've been running 2/3 times a week about 25/28 minutes each time (Ive had a few twinges in my knee so haven't wanted to push it)

Ive found it difficult to concentrate on running as its not something I enjoy, I wish I could but I dont even find music distracting, however this morning I downloaded the Zombie run app and I actually ran a full 5K (my first) and it took 39.15. I was walking on air the way home, although that could have been the jelly legs :) . I'm hoping this will be the first of many 5k.

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Congratulations on finishing the plan a few weeks ago. I know what you mean. I floundered too for a while after graduating. I found Parkrun was a great way to stay motivated. It kept me going, I would run twice during the week and Parkrun on Saturday mornings. You should give it a try and each week attempt to beat your previous best time. You could run it with the Zombie run app too.


I think this 'floundering' experience is really common. Just keep at it and over time you will find your path. Some find parkrun, some do races or join a running club. Some aim for speed, some for distance. There are 'bridging' podcasts that can help and restore the relationship with Laura 😊 This is a process of discovery and you need to discover what kind of runner you want to be🏃🏃‍♀️👍

I have learned I am a solitary, slow runner who likes being out in the countryside with my dog, enjoying increasing distances and listening to some really good audio books as I meander about the place.

Enjoy your running 😁👟👍

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