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Week 7 Run 1

25 minutes!!! Genuinely never thought I'd see the end of week 6, and I'm so happy to announce Week 7 Run 1 went smoothly! Runner's high kicked in at the end and made me speed up the last few minutes for a big finish! I did the majority of this run at a slower pace than I'm used to because I was quite worried about the length of time but I think I'm okay to speed it up a bit for Run 2 on Thursday!

Anyone else start to experience a little bit of boredom during the mid-way point of these longer runs? Thinking about changing up my route and running playlist a bit next time to keep things interesting. Any other ideas on how to avoid tedium?

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Hi, well done so far! For me I found trying different routes kept me interested, and as I wanted to go further than 5 k , I started looking at longer loops from my house so I could run 5k and be far enough away from home that I could either walk home , or run for an extra few minutes each run, with no pressure! I made my way up to 10 k doing that and now know road routes that are a variety of distances. I do find however that going in the car to off road locations are best to keep me interested, I have dogs so trying out new trail routes through forests , disused railways and round lochs etc all keep my interest more than road. Another option for you could be joining a group? It's not something I've done yet but it's worth thinking about.

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I agree with heavyhorse - changing your route will keep things interesting.

It can also be fun to run as far as you can in one direction without having to worry about turning round at the halfway point. On my longer runs I work out many minutes I'll run for and my husband drives the car out to pick me up, timing his arrival at around the point when I am finishing my cool down walk. As I don't have to conserve my strength to get home I can push forward to see how far I can go in the time available. It's kind of fun.

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Well done that is great. I know it can get a bit boring, but I have several different routes I use so that I can ring the changes. Another way of getting a bit of variety is to run your usual route the other way round.

And then you could always look for a route that is maybe a five or ten minute drive away.

I also have three or four different running tracks, and I know some people also listen to audio books and podcasts.

Hope you find something that suits you.

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Play lists, I treated myself to a new download for each run.....

Also I added new bits to my route, but at the beginning of it, so I couldn't focus on my 'usual times' at various milestones.

I found this kept my interest high.

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