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Couch to 5K
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Hoping to ease my aches and pains

Hi. I have just joined. I have become a couch/tv potato. I need exercise. I am told it helps with my osteoarthritis. I always INTEND to walk round the block, but somehow I never do. Maybe I just need a little incentive? Like - company? Having said that, I don't mind my own company, but sometimes on a walk its nice to turn to a companion and talk about the scenery or the pictures in the clouds!! Also hoping it will help with copd never mind the knees and the back.

That's enough for now.

Have a great day


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I have oestoathritis and learning to run was one of the best thing I did for my joints. It helps to build the muscles up around the joints and cushion them a bit, that in return makes everything a little less painful. With copd take it nice and steady and take the pace down if your feeling a bit breathless during the run sections, it is better to take it easy to begin with than push your body too much out of its comfort zone when you start. We once had a great guy who did the program on a stationary bicycle with his oxygen on, he always said it really helped his lungs as long as he didn't go crazy. Good luck and keep coming back here for motivation.

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Great, take it slowly and steadily and also look for a local running group for company... keep us posted :)

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Well done you.. are you joining us on this running programme.. or heading for the Walking for Heath?

If you are joining us here, welcome.. Realfoodieclub has given you tip top advice!

Slow and steady does it.. and post your runs... we are all on the journey with you...hundreds of us:)


Walk everywhere! Make it your must-do activity when not running that is

get out there by yourself! You're allowed 😊


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