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Week 4 in the bag! Come on legs don't fail me now!!!!!

Completed week4 (one day late but as i mentioned, alot going on atm.) Mixed feelings about this run. Frustrated at my fitness improving but muscle strength not so fast... i can jog along quite happily now for quite a while breathing wise i am not too out of breath any more. My issue is my legs. They ache and become so fatigued that it is stopping me... i find i have to take a minute to stretch and shake them out after the third run. What can i do to help. I wear structured shoes for my overproned feet which should help combat fatigue from bad posture but my calves are sore most of the run. Aches and pains are normal i guess amd maybe i just have to wait for my muscle strength...any ideas how long that might be?!

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You don't wait for it... you work on it.... lots of exercise for strength on rest days is essential:)

AS the runs get longer.. you need both strength and stamina... you could walk, cycle. swim... try the strength and flex exercises many of us do...


and maybe work out a regime for yourselves. I have one I do every day:) The running muscles take along time to build up... longer than nine weeks:) we have to stretch, roll if need be and generally support them on their journey.

There are loads of exercises out there, and you should find a routine somewhere that suits you.


I like to use this one too :)

Well done you though on the run... you will sort this :)

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The best is yet to come!

Well done x

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