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Wk7r1 and my dog took the Mick!!

I struggled with this run after standing all day yesterday at Bingley Festival. You know aches and pains before I even began running. Now I know what everyone means by "toxic ten" 😥 My daughter walked our dogs this morning while I did my run in the disused basketball courts round the back.

My lovely Skylar decided to bring her frisky and follow me while I ran. Really sweet yes? No!! She didn't even break into a trot!! She kept looking up at me as if to say "come on slow coach you cant call that running!!

She still wasn't actually running when I gave an extra push for the last minute.

Looks like butter wouldn't melt too. Might have to take her next time, little miss motivator 😁

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Lovely pic she looks to be a great coach...

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My dog does exactly the same, just a fast walk, I just think that's rude 😂

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