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W4R3 Still shuffling on

Well, I've given my knees a rest for nearly a week as they have been very sore after the previous couple of runs. They weren't 100% today but were a lot better. I've been icing and elevating regularly. Got out and completed the run today by going super slow. Lots of stretching afterwards and ice packs now back on knees to try and prevent more soreness. Time will tell.

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Well done for listening to your body.

What are you wearing on your feet?

The incorrect shoes could cause you major problems.


Thanks, IannodaTruffe.

I had my gait analysed soon after my knees started getting sore and now wear some nice Asics shoes. Apparently, I overpronate and these shoes will help. Hoping so!

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You have done the right thing regarding footwear.

I started taking glucosamine with chondroitin after having severe knee problems prior to starting running. At that time I could never have considered running. Within months I was hugely improved and a few years later started C25K.

There is little scientific evidence that it works but I would not stop taking it now.

You could try the knee strengthening exercises nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/...

Good luck.

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