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W2R2 and loving it but BPM question

Out on W2R2 this morning.

First bit is always a leg burner as it is an incline of 10m but over 500m so it's that steady climb. Makes for a pleasant run back though :)

But I have a question on BPM.

Last year I had a few bouts of tachycardia where my pulse would go from resting at 60bpm to around 130-140bpm. Most of it I think was just down to lifestyle but it still had me paranoid about my heartbeat.

I don't know how accurate the Apple Watch is and I know that now and then it will show a spike but sometimes when I am running it is showing as over 180bpm consistent for a few minutes.

I'm not aware of fatigue or anything Land don't get that 'thumping' sensation in my ears and I am not out of breath.

I know that everyone's BPM is different. My resting BPM is around 55-60.

So it seems weird that it would be 160-180 when exercising?

Would I be better also getting a chest strap to compare he two?

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Heart rate theoretically declines with age. Your maximum heart rate can be crudely calculated as 220- your age, although we all have very different ranges and maximum heart rates.

As I have said before, I can run for an hour at my theoretical maximum HR with no ill effects, so presumably my max HR is actually higher than this. If you feel fine, then you probably are. If worried you could consult a qualified medic, just to check you out.

As for accuracy of HR monitors, I am sure they vary. I suspect a chest strap monitor is going to be more accurate, but don't honestly know.


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