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Anxious W6R2

So I'm heading off for W6R2 today, I did R1 on sunday (2 days ago) no problem but a lot has come up in the last 2 days and I suddenly feel like there's no way I can run for 10 minutes...

It's my second attempt at C25K and around this run the first time I developed shin splints (I'm 6ft1 so find taking shorter strides very tricky!)

Any advice appreciated!


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I’m also 6’1, former injury champion, and also found shorter strides awkward – until somehow, one day, it all fell into right places and I can short stride perfectly well . It’s all good if you want to spider it at crazy speeds but that could take you all the way to the physio so I simply listened to what good folks on this forum had to say and slowed down some of my runs to the point that I’m not losing any breath at my cruising 'speed'.

Keep running and enjoying yourself, the mosaic bits will form the good picture in the end!


Height doesnt really matter, its short strides for you. Your short strides with longer legs will be much longer than my short strides with my little legs


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