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Reasons to be cheerful

W6 R1...after the terror that is WK5 R3 how come this felt just as difficult?

Oh well, ours is not to reason why, in the programme I place my trust.

Anyway this run was marked by a reason to be smug and a reason to titter quietly to myself.

Smug moment. There I was, shuffling away, going only marginally faster than my brisk walk, when alongside me came two slim, bright twenty somethings intent on getting past the slowcoach as fast as possible. It was tense for a brief moment as we ran side by side -and then puffing and panting, they both slowed to a walk exhausted, while I plodded gamely on with a little grin on my face. The fact they had probably run 6 times round without stopping before I even started did not spoil the moment for me; "Eat my dust! " I yelled in my head (I certainly did not have the puff to gasp it out loud).

Stifle a smirk moment. Same young couple. Our paths were about to cross during my last run and, (so it seemed to me), keen not to be shown up again they burst into a sprint doing a speed I can never hope to attain, if indeed I wanted to. The thing that brought a grin to my face again was that the girl ran just like Phoebe in friends - you know , in the episode where she embarrasses Rachel with her wild, child-like running style!


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You have learnt a valuable running life lesson there! Slow and steady definitely beats the swishing ponytail, bouncing knees runner! I think enjoying running and remaining injury free is amazing. Well done, keep plodding, it works for me and I graduated a year and a half ago now, still going strong and 53 too - feeling smug too LOL


Thanks Joolie, it's inspiring to hear you are still going strong and enjoying it just as much.

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I did week 6 run 1 today thought I would be able to run really well but found it tough I think it's the psychology of knowing I only had to run 8 mins at longest

It's def mind over matter well done you show them how to do it


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