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W9 best laid plans, but all good!

The goal was to do the Southampton park run for W9R3 on Saturday but life got in the way and it became W9R1. However managed to complete in 28:03 which I'm really pleased with and means I was doing around 5k through the W8 runs.

This morning I went out for W9R2 and found it a real struggle. My thighs felt like lead weights but plodded round for the 30 mins. Not sure why I can run one day and feel fine and two days later my legs don't want to play, but having done the park run I now have two goals

1. Improve my 5k time and stamina

2. Build to 10k+ as I'm running 3 legs of a 170 mile relay in September and 5k is the shortest leg!! Also need to recover and do the three legs in 24 hours so if my current recovery rate is two days I need to improve!!

Thanks for the support through the past 9 weeks, this is a great forum to receive that boost when times are tough but it works as a plan you just need to trust it and believe in yourself.

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Well done RB01😊...

I'm not surprised your legs felt like lead weights after running 5k in 28.03 in Saturday's heat.. You are still a bit tired is all. Remember you are still a new runner, give yourself some proper revovery time, you are obviously capable of quick times but still need to build stamina slowly...

Well done for 'plodding' through Week 9 R2 today, why not rest for a couple of days then make your graduation run a great 5k in 30 to celebrate.😊x

What I'm saying is steady up its easy to overdo it and get an injury. xx


Thanks I'll take a few days rest before my graduation run! It doesn't help living atop a hill as no matter which way I run I start downhill and have to get back up it for the last half!!

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Well done. and as Bluebirdrunner says... take time to recover :)

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