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Foot trouble

On a visit to a podiatrist she told me that I had the beginnings of a bunion on one foot. The word was familiar but I hadn't any idea what it actually is. Now I have, I realise that it could affect my ability to keep my ancient frame moving. I need to replace my running shoes, which are well-worn, with ones that leave plenty of room for the toes and which are properly adapted to my gait (very different from the ones I was sold a few weeks ago and have never used). There appear to be actions I can take which will retard the full development of the bent toe, as well. My question is: has anyone on the forum had to deal with this and how has it gone?

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I have bunions, have had since I was about 18, I think. I don't think they are bad, in that my big toe doesn't cross over my next toe: it's just that my BT joint is enlarged. In terms of my running, it makes no difference whatsoever :)


Thanks for your helpful comment. I'm glad you haven't come to any harm, as your posts regularly show. Inevitably there are also horror stories to be found online, as well as brave tales from suffering runners. I have one big toe threatening its puny neighbour and hope to do battle with it.


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