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What to do with arms to support running?!

This is perhaps a silly question but now that I'm in week 4, I've started paying more attention also to the technic, and especially how my arms are working while running. Do you have any tips? A young boy imitated my arm movements and laughed at me yesterday as he cycled past me!! 😂 Highly unmotivating.

Should I tense my arm muscles, and contain the 'natural' movement, or let them be as relaxed as possible? Thanks for your guidance on this topic 😊

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Move as naturally as it comes. Tense and contained is never a good thing. Ignore mockers (I find a stick through the spokes of their wheel is also a good one)


I believe you have to be relaxed, not tense. When I started someone told me to use my arm like a Choo Choo train, to propel myself forward. It works.

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Pump with relaxed arms, hands unclenched, especially going uphill. The movement should be forward and back with as little side to side rotation as possible.


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