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What are those????

So managed my w7r2 on Saturday after my...erm...."practice run" previously, so feeling quite smug at the moment, it was after my post run shower that I noticed them......I don't know how or when they appeared but it would appear I have developed calf muscles!!!!!lol

Feeling really happy with my progress and I always look forward to my next run, long may it continue. Good luck to all the newbies that have just begun their journey and to those that think they can't continue.....yes you can!

Happy Sunday everyone!!!!

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Jacked!! That's what teeneagers say around here, not sure it works in U.K.!! Congrats👏🏼💪🏻

No more " I'm trying to learn how to run" from now on it's " I'm getting jacked"


Brilliant! I'm sure there will be more muscles as well, and more health benefits to look forward to :) Well done on the run - you're nearly there now! Happy running :)


Wow.. streamlined, toned and tightened :) Getting close now.. think how you will look as you glide past the podium ! :)


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