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Legs ache

Ok, I'm on my last run of week 4. I'm redoing run 3 as I didn't manage it due to it being so warm, so I'm going to rerun it in the morning. The thing is on the days I don't run my legs ache, I don't hurt, but ache like I need to exercise to get rid of the aching in them, does that make sense? And is it common ? I'm trying to run every other day with a two day rest before starting the next week x

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Make sure you take your rest days, every time. :)

There is so much other exercise to do, on rest days, to relieve those aching legs.. Strength and Flex or as Rignold will tell you, the virtues of squats.. ( as many of us have discovered... there is swimming, cycling. walking. climbing... the list goes on.

If your legs are aching all the time, on rest days, definitely put in other exercise, and then make sure, even at this stage you are warmed up properly for your runs, and whilst the weather is hot, make sure you are hydrated.


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