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WK5 R3....so chuffed!

I feel that I might just conquer this running thing after my run this morning.

I didn't start well by getting up later than I planned but the sun wasn't really out at 8.30 so I got down to the park anyway. The raindrops coming off the trees were a welcome cool down and I ran on the path all the way under their shade instead of part of the way on the newly cut but very wet grass.

And....it was ok...My legs were pleading with me to stop all the way, but they have kept up their whingeing since WK1 R1 so I refused to listen to them and just kept going. The longer run seemed to give me enough time to sort my breathing and get into a proper rythmn, and my mind even wandered for a while thinking about what I wil get my boss as a leaving present. I even managed to gasp out 'Good morning' in response to a lovely elderly gentleman out for his morning stroll.

Even as a child I never thought I had any stamina and I've never managed to stick to any fitness regime, so chuffed is an understatement! Might even splash out on some proper running gear now I'm more confident it won't go to waste!

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Hi Koraline. Well done for completing your run. I did my w5r3 today.

I'm sat here with a pack of frozen peas on my knee but also a huge grin on my face.

I think we can both be very proud of ourselves. For the first time, I can actually think about finishing the program.

Good luck with the rest of your runs.

Roll on Monday and w6r1 😝

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Good luck for tomorrow tired old man, it looks as if it might be a bit cooler than Saturday which can only be a bonus!

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Fantastic ! Really Well done !

Yes this is a biggie, a major milestone in the programme . Its very much a mental challenge this I think as much as a physical one and you've got to dig deep for this one. You should be so proud of yourself.

Keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx


Thank you poppypug.

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