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W3R3 again!!

So after having to rest for the last 2 weeks due to an ankle injury, today was the day to see if my ankle would hold. It's still quite swollen but no way near as much pain as it has been. I have been to see a physiotherapist who told me this was a classic injury when wearing poorly fitting trainers. So I've had gait analysis and bought new trainers and all was good this morning so went for it. I decided to repeat my last run rather than move on to week 4 as I didn't want to over do it.

It was hard and the slowest I've ever run - more of a shuffle really! But I didn't stop so feeling quite pleased.

I can't believe how much this programme has changed my attitude towards exercise and I am actually looking forward to going for a run and proving to myself I can do it. I'm hoping to start week 4 on Monday and looking forward to it

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There's nothing like new shoes to give us a boost 🤗 Any chance of a picture? We all love ogling new shoes here!

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