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Saturdays silly question

Hi everyone. I have a silly question to ask. Don't worry, I know having just finished week 5 that I should not be considering these things for ages yet, and I won't, I promise, at the moment I'm just curious.

If I ever get to the point where I want to experiment with increasing my pace, do you do this by making each stride longer or by doing more strides per minute?

Thanks graduates, I'm so glad I have so many " real runners" to ask😀

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Increasing stride length is the quickest knee problems.

Once you are a strong and experienced runner you might work on stride length, preferably with a qualified coach, but at this stage it is an absolute no-no and learning to increase cadence is the way. Your speed will almost definitely increase as you get more miles on your legs.


Thanks IT. All this time to think while I'm running, makes me consider/ worry about stuff that never ever bothered me before!

It also may answer why I've not been good at running before, I was probably doing the long stride thing.


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