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Hot Hot Hot R2W4

Has anyone else struggled with run2 week4? I found it sooo hard last night as it was really warm despite us going out at 7.30. Legs were like lead but had been sat behind a desk all day and wearing really flat sandals with no support so wonder if that contributed to it. I came home soaked in sweat and looking like a beetroot and also took a while to recover also despite having lots of water. Knocked me back a little.

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I ran in it just after five, in the trees and some cover but it was very hot. I took a drink and went very steady, which is all you can do really. I wore a headband to keep the sweat from my eyes, took a great big hankie to mop myself as i ran. It I still looked like I had been under a shower.

So, best go out very early or much later if poss

Good for you for doing it though. We don't get that many scorchio days so I don't like to complain


Thank you might have to wear a headband didn't think of that plus I didn't take any water, big mistake thank you for the advice tho xx


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